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Our Founder, Bill Hall, lived by and taught his creed "service before self." He spent more than forty years of his career operating hotels and restaurants - paving the way to translate the service of a five-star hotel to a peerless dining experience. 


Tommy Hall built his own reputation in the restaurant and hospitality field with a national restaurant brand. Combining the family's experience and strive for excellence, together they collaborated on an original service program that every Halls team member lives by - and serves as the foundation of an unparalleled dining experience. 


The opportunity for Halls Chophouse Nashville came at the right time, at the right location, and the right city. We wouldn't make this leap just anywhere - with your help, we're ready to commit ourselves and deliver on Halls excellence in Nashville. 


Location is part of our value to locals, visitors and employees; we want every part of Halls to be perfect. 


At our Broadwest (1600 West End) location, we are strategically located near the heart of downtown, with quick access to the interstate.


Our design is elegant and authentic, we're in a beautiful new building, but we still offer the old steakhouse feel people have come to love in Charleston.


Halls Chophouse Nashville offers a sprawling patio, tucked away dining rooms, an open kitchen, and so much more. Our welcoming bartenders are ready to know your favorite drink, and we look forward to celebrating all occasions with you! The experience for our guests can be different every time they visit us, but we promise to make it exciting and energetic every night.


When we open by Summer 2022, we will hit the ground running - we will be ready to execute the Halls experience in a new market the minute we open the door.  


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